Let’s have a squizz and see: are we a good fit?

When you own and operate a service-oriented business like a bookkeeping, advisory and solutions business, there are the clients you love and the clients you don’t click with.

Everyone deserves good bookkeeping, sure, but not everyone is a great fit for everyone else. We learned awhile ago that both us and our clients are happier when we really click. We’ve put together this page to outline the clients that we believe we can work most effectively with. Read on to see if you think we’d be a good match.
At a glance, this is how we work best…

Where in the world?

Anywhere in Australia. If your business operates under Australian Taxation Law, we can help. While we love to work with our local Wagga clients, we use modern technology to service right across Australia

How small is small?

Small business takes on a lot of meanings, we are interested in micro to medium enterprise – $75k to $5M turnover.
It’s not practical for us to excel at all types of bookkeeping, our scope is broad: medical, hospitality, retail, building & construction and manufacturing.

But what about you?

You (and your team) need to be adaptive and tech savvy (or at least prepared to get that way!) and want to improve your systems AND your bottom line.  You must also help us HELP YOU by providing accurate and timely information.

Online accounting software will be the minimum – after that, let’s see what we can help you with.

If you want any bookkeeping, MYOB, Xero, payroll or business support,

Please call me on 0428 314 774 or email: info@sos925.com.au


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