Do you need Financial Reporting?

financial reportingThe benefit of an up-to-date data file is the ability to produce timely reports to assist you in monitoring the key performance indicators (you can just read this as “your numbers” if that sounds too fancy!) on your business.  This can be as basic as a Profit & Loss Statement & Balance Sheet with comparisons to the last month, quarter or year to future cash flow. Do you need to know more about your key performance indicators?


Do you need Business Advisory Services?

business advisoryBusiness Advisory Services is a broad term and will possibly mean many things to many people.

It starts with understanding the challenges faced by managing and operating small businesses.  There are also many phases that a business will go through and there will be many decisions to make which will effect each and every outcome.

It can start out as finding out how many days it takes to get your debtors paid, then as a consequence (usually), how long it takes before you can pay your creditors (including the Tax Man!).  This is cash flow – do you know your numbers?

How can you get those Debtors in faster so that you can pay your Creditors?

Why does your Accountant tell you that the business is making money and you don’t seem to know where ALL that PROFIT he is talking about has gone? Let’s do the numbers to see where your cash is trapped and what you can do to change that.  Do you know your break-even point – and is your data even good enough to calculate it?

Do you understand your own Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet?  Too shy to say that to your Accountant?

We provide high quality business advisory services in the Wagga Wagga region.

Let me go through this with you and see what potential we can unleash for you!


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