Be Careful of the date!

This is a trap for new players – and I might say, old players as well. Be careful of mixing up the dates – that is the months and the change of year. If you use the data from your bank feeds, you will NOT have any problems, however if there are any manual entries you need to be very careful! The usual error is xDecember 2019 or xJanuary 2018…  Read more

Cyber Security – the risk that is always lurking out there!

typographyimages / Pixabay Whilst the hackers and scammers have been out there for years, it seems they are moving to a whole new level. With the new Cyber Security laws that came in February 2018, anyone in charge of sensitive information (think employee details – for starters) needs to be more careful than ever. Here’s a link if this is news to you: It seems the weakest link are people…  Read more

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