How to create a good culture

Human Resources The talent pool for many industries can be very shallow. In order to attract and retain quality staff, workplace culture is crucial. The ‘feel’ in a workplace can often be as important to employees as salary or career path. In many instances, you can draw ideas and inspiration from your staff as to how they want the culture and environment to develop. Here though are some ideas you…  Read more

Let’s get serious about some time off

This could not come at a better time.  We have just had Easter.  Did you have a break, or work? Or maybe a bit of both.  Sometimes you need to disconnect from the grid!  Read more

Some LIFE SKILLS to be taught in schools

Well! Something that excites me! Back to basics at school! And the only thing that could excite me more would be if they applied more of these theories across the school curriculum! So, let’s be thankful there are discussions (even if it is not for another 5 years)  to get education about tax and super into the the minds of our students.  Hopefully when the current Year 1 kids of…  Read more

It’s hot out there

Well for anyone who has lived in the Riverina – none of this is news.  None-the-less we need to remember to take precautions for ourselves and our fellow workers.  If you have choices of when you do the “outside” chores/deliveries/services make sure you do so. If you happen to be a tradie who probably has no choice – as he is heading out to fix YOUR air conditioning…. be careful,…  Read more

Working ON your business instead of IN your business

While you are taking a well earned break, maybe sitting at the beach watching the waves roll in… contemplate what you have done well and what you haven’t done so well –  set some goals and see how your plans can be improved in 2019. Take a bit of time to work ON or business instead of IN your business. These goals can be business or personal – as sometimes…  Read more

Work-Life Balance

Get it all sorted It ’tis the season! Whilst there are many things to reflect upon over the festive season – in both the business and personal life – perhaps the work-life balance is more important than any other topic!   The following article has just a few simple tips – and can you believe it? From a bank!   Prioritise what you need to do and work out what…  Read more

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