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As your CFO (Chief Financial Officer), we’ll take care of your financials for you. We can work locally or remotely, so distance is no problem.

Here’s a bit more detail as to how we can help your business grow.

Save money

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Employing a CFO internally is a huge investment that not all businesses can afford, especially a small, growing business. Outsourcing this role saves you money and the risk of hiring an inexperienced employee. On top of these cost-savings, Christine at SOS-925 will help you find opportunities within your business to save more money too – it’s a win-win!

Improve your cashflow

Here’s a sad fact: cashflow is the main reason for failure in business. As a growing business, cashflow needs to be managed very closely. Working with SOS-925 gives you access to decades of practical business experience and financial insight that’s hard to beat. We’ll help you proactively manage your cashflow with helpful reporting, forecasts and reviews. To put it simply, we’ll help you

Finetune your business processes

Christine has worked with hundreds of businesses and has learned a thing or two over the years. We’ll help you implement smart financial processes, procedures and technology tools to make your business run smoother.

Financial Reporting that isn’t gibberish

financial reportingThe benefit of up-to-date financial information is that you can produce timely reports that make a difference. Here at SOS-925 we’ll take care of these financial reports so you can monitor the key performance indicators (you can just read this as “your numbers” if that sounds too fancy!) that matter to you.  This can be as basic as a Profit & Loss Statement & Balance Sheet with comparisons to the last month, quarter or year to future cash flow. Do you need to know more about your key numbers?

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