Add-on Software

add on softwareThere are many add-ons that will help with the efficiency of your business.  One of the popular add-on softwares chase debtor invoices (even sending out a pre-reminder when the invoice is due). While another allows direct integration of creditor invoices into your accounting system which eliminates data input and leads to a paperless system which is great for the environment and cuts down or eliminates those dusty archive boxes!

Preparation of Data File for Accountant or Auditor

Preparation of Data FileThis step is a natural progression to get accurate information to your accountant. Ideally there would be a liaison relationship between client and accountant and there shouldn’t be any surprises come the end of financial year.

Setup and Maintenance of Bookkeeping and Office Systems

Bookkeeping and Office SystemsFor new businesses, or ones that just haven’t got around to implementing some good practices, call me for a consultation to work out what you need and what is the best path forward.


Catch Up Bookkeeping

catch up bookkeepingSometimes life and circumstance get in the road of good intentions.  Sometimes starting a new business venture, it is very easy to put the bookkeeping aside – but this can only last so long.

If you are behind with your bookkeeping and ATO lodgements, contact us and we can put a strategy together to help you l sleep at night.

Cyber Security

cyber securityIn this world of technology – do we have all our bases covered?  Are you as a Small Business at risk of being hacked and your employees “sensitive data” being out there for the whole world to see?


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