Streamlined reporting with Single Touch Payroll

single touch payrollWell … Single Touch Payroll (STP) is here! Whether you are ready or not!

If a Small Business employs more than 20 people (headcount) as at 1st April 2018, it should already be reporting each “pay event” to the ATO since the 1st July 2018. All other Small Businesses will need to fall into line by 1st October, 2019 (there are just a few exceptions – and deferrals must be applied for from ATO).


Fact 1: This has now legislated.

Fact 2: The RUSH IS ON! If you have current software there is no additional cost to switching it on.  Once the initial setup is done, it is only another few seconds of your payroll processing to be compliant.


If you need help connecting your current software or help choosing how to get to that point –  contact Christine.

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STP Decision Tree - SOS925_1

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